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Essential, comfortable lash product.

Lash Eyepads

$5.00 Regular Price
$3.75Sale Price
  • 10 count pack of individually, foil wrapped Lash Eyepads. The shape of our Lash Eyepads contour perfectly to your client's eye. It is comfortable and adheres well to the skin without lifting or moving  during your service. Unlike tape, your client's under eye area will feel hydrated and refreshed. With its plant extract, it will help moisturize the skin, and may help reduce dark circle, reduce eye puffiness, and increase eye skin elasticity. This provides a comfortable eye treatment during your service for your client. These Lash Eyepads are also not overly saturated, and will not ooze product into your client's eyes. Really easy to use, and lint free! May be used in conjunction with Lash Tape.


    Also great for removing lash extensions, lash tinting, and lash lifts! May also be used as an under eye shield to apply eye makeup.



    Store in a cool, dry place. Do not keep in heat. Product is moist, and may dry out faster. 

    May be stored in the refrigerator before use, as it will make the Lash Eyepads more comfortable and cool!

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