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A realistic way to begin Lash Extensions, or practice enhancing your techniques.

Practice Silicone Eyelids

$8.00 Regular Price
$6.80Sale Price
  • 3 pairs of Practice Silicone Eyelids with eyelashes. Easy to use for Eyelash Extension training or enhancing your techniques. These replacement eyelids are designed in a 3D effect, giving you the most realistic shape of real human eyes. The soft, smooth material provides you with a real touch of skin!


    Available in three shades: Light, Medium, Dark.


    Also great for practicing Eye Makeup application. Very easy to clean for reuse with water, makeup remover, or Vaseline after each application.


    Made from quality, silicone rubber. This premium soft silicone rubber is non-toxic and odorless. Very durable and elastic-like, but not easily deformed.



    • The shade of color may slightly differ, due to production and/or also viewing from different electronic screens.
    • This product only contains the Practice SIlicone Eyelids with eyelashes; does not contain Practice Mannequin or other items.

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