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Best Practice Mannequin on the lash market!


* Smooth As Real Skin

* Reusable, Convenient, & Portable

* Ideal For Home Or In-Class Practice

Practice Mannequin - Silicone

$15.00 Regular Price
$12.00Sale Price
  • 111 LASH has two different Practice Mannequins available. This silicone-made mannequin is the perfect choice for a durable, long-term use option!


    111's Silicone Practice Mannequin is a new, sleek, and compact mannequin that is PERFECT for developing your lash extension application skills and building techniques. It is upgraded to be more lightweight than normal mannequins, as well as portable and easy to carry, allowing you to practice anywhere and never forget it for trainings! This life-like, soft mannequin face is ideal to practice and improve Classic, Volume, and even Mega Volume sets! You can also enhance techniques of lash extension removals. This realistic mannequin will help you truly master your timing, skill, and abilities to do lashes on a real client. Each Practice Mannequin includes a set of lash covered replacement eyelids, a glass lash tile, and four glue holders. Easy to clean with water or makeup remover.


    Available in three shades: Light, Medium, Dark.


    Also great for practicing Eye Makeup application. Very easy to clean for reuse with water, makeup remover, or Vaseline after each application.



    Practice Mannequin and Practice Eyelids are made from durable, quality, silicone rubber. This premium soft silicone rubber is non-toxic and odorless. Very durable and elastic-like, but not easily deformed.


    The Lash Pallet is made of high quality, crystal glass. Its smooth surface is reusable, non-corrosive, and durable. Measuring 1.97" x 1.97".



    * Additional replacement Practice Silicone Eyelids are available for purchase! As well as additonal Glue Holders.

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