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Lash Tape is very useful to all Lash Artists, and a big necessity to beginners!

Lash Tape - Clear

$2.00 Regular Price
$1.60Sale Price
  • 111's choice of Lash Tape is very flexible and easy to use! Its smooth material helps your tweezers glide across, without getting stuck. It stays on well, and is comfortable for your client. Although it is a very strong adhesion, it is delicate enough for your client's skin not causing irritation when peeling off.  The Lash Tape gives a great hold with tape-back methods, holding your client's lids up, or also when holding lashes back.  A great choice also for those lash clients' who have watery eyes, as their tears go right under the tape.


    May also be used for makeup application lines (eyeliner wings or sharp eyeshadow edges), holding cellophane for numbing creams or lamination services, and many other facial treatments without tugging at the skin too much.



    Tip: Make sure your client's skin is free of any oil or moisture for best adhesion. As far as the adhesion on oily skin, it may not grip to its best ability. A pro tip is to always wipe the skin with a soft tissue or paper towel before applying the tape on the area used on or around the eyes.


    TIp: The Lash Tape is easy to tear, making it easy to work with. You may also use it in a tape dispenser or pre-cut small pieces before client's service for exceptional speed.


    Do not keep your tape in heat.

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